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বিসিএস পরীক্ষা

৩৪তম বিসিএস
1. Badminton is the national sport of -
ক. Malaysia
খ. Scotland
গ. China
ঘ. Nepal
2. EURO is the currency of -
ক. Asia
খ. Europe
গ. America
ঘ. Africa
3. Photosynthesis takes place in -
ক. Roots of the plants
খ. Stems of the plants
গ. Green parts of the plant
ঘ. All parts of the plants
4. The term PC means -
ক. Private Computer
খ. Prime Computer
গ. Personal Computer
ঘ. Professional Computer
5. Fill in the blank of the following sentence with right form of verb. If I _____ a king!
ক. am
খ. was
গ. were
ঘ. shall be

6. Tiger : Zoology : Mars ---
ক. Astrology
খ. Cryptology
গ. Astronomy
ঘ. Telescopy
7. Maiden Speech means -
ক. Final speech
খ. First speech
গ. Middle speech
ঘ. Maid servant's speech
8. N. B. stands for -
ক. Note before
খ. No bar
গ. Non bearing
ঘ. Nota bene
9. What is the masculine gender of "mare"?
ক. Mermaid
খ. Bear
গ. Stallion
ঘ. Dog
10. Botany is to plant as Zoology is to -
ক. Flowers
খ. Rivers
গ. Mountains
ঘ. Animals


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