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২৭তম বিসিএস
1. Which is the noun of word 'beautiful'?
ক. Beauty
খ. Beautify
গ. Beauteous
ঘ. Beautifully
2. 'Hurry up! we have to go _____ five minutes.
ক. in
খ. on
গ. by
ঘ. for
3. Identify the imperative sentence.
ক. I shall go to college
খ. Matin is singning a song
গ. Stand up
ঘ. It has been raining since morning
4. To stay healthy, we must plane to have a balanced _____.
ক. diet
খ. Food
গ. drink
ঘ. Environment
5. The rich should not look down _____ the poor.
ক. at
খ. for
গ. towards
ঘ. upon

6. I took a map with me, as didn't want to _____ my way on the journey.
ক. loose
খ. lose
গ. lost
ঘ. loss
7. Every driver must be held _____ his own actions.
ক. responsibe for
খ. responsible to
গ. liable to
ঘ. blamed for
8. 'Thorugh thick and think' means -
ক. under all conditions
খ. to make thick and thin
গ. not clear in understading
ঘ. of great density
9. 'Prior to' means -
ক. after
খ. before
গ. immediately
ঘ. during the peirod of
10. Nobody knocked him down: it was an -
ক. incident
খ. occurrence
গ. accident
ঘ. event


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