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সাইবার অপরাধ
1. Unauthenticated and unwanted mails are stored in ---- / ভূয়া এবং অযাচিত মেইল কোথায় জমা হয়?
ক. Inbox
খ. Sent box
গ. Spam
ঘ. Draft box
2. Unsolicited commercial e-mail is commonly known as-
ক. Junk
খ. Hoaxes
গ. Spam
ঘ. Hypertext
3. In relation to using Internet, what is a ‘spam’?
ক. Search engine
খ. Web browser
গ. Unsolicited email
ঘ. Web bug
4. Data theft or destroy from another person’s computer through internet is known as --- /ইন্টারনেট ব্যবহার করে অন্য ব্যক্তির ডেটা ‍চুরি বা ধ্বংস করে দেওয়াকে ........ বলে।
ক. Hacking
খ. Browsing
গ. Chatting
ঘ. Searching
5. A person who uses his or her expertise to gain access to the people’s computers to get information illegally or do damage is called a-
ক. Spammer
খ. Hacker
গ. Programmer
ঘ. Analyst

6. Which one of the following will help you to improve your LAN security?
ক. Changing Password Frequently
খ. Installing a spyware program
গ. Using a proxy
ঘ. All of these


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