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1. SQL mens--
ক. Standard Query Learning
খ. Structured Query Language
গ. Structured Query Language
ঘ. Suitable Query Language
2. নিচের কোনটি ডেটাবেজ language ?
ক. Oracle
খ. C
গ. MS - word
ঘ. কোনোটিই নয়
3. In computer terms, what does ‘encryption of data’ mean?
ক. Data cannot be sent over the internet
খ. Data is encoded so it cannot be read without decoding software
গ. Data is kept locked in special room
ঘ. None of above
4. A record is a-
ক. Collection of bits
খ. Collection of fields
গ. Collection of bytes
ঘ. Collection of files
5. Which of the following refers to the correctness and completeness of the data in a database?
ক. Data integrity
খ. Data security
গ. Data constraint
ঘ. Data independence

6. In centralized database system, the role of the front office in a bank is to----
ক. assessment and approval
খ. customer dealing
গ. internet fibers
ঘ. IT management
7. নিচের কোনটি ডাটাবেজ ল্যাংগুয়েজ?
ক. Oracle
খ. C
গ. MS-Word
ঘ. কোনোটিই নয়


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