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শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন

১৪তম (কলেজ/সমপর্যায়) বেসরকারি প্রভাষক নিবন্ধন পরিক্ষা (২০১৭) :: পরীক্ষার তারিখঃ- ২৫.০৮.২০১৭
1. Identify the correct sentence-
ক. She had faith in and hopes for the future
খ. She had faith and hopes for the future
গ. She had faith and hopes in the future
ঘ. She had faith and hopes in future
2. She argued ---- me about the marriage.
ক. with
খ. for
গ. to
ঘ. from
3. Choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom "Swan song".
ক. First work
খ. last work
গ. middle work
ঘ. early work
4. শিশুটি হাসতে হাসতে আমার কাছে এল।
ক. The baby came to me to laughing
খ. The baby came to me laughing
গ. The baby came to me in laughing
ঘ. The baby came to me by laughing
5. The antonym for "inimical" -
ক. hostile
খ. friendly
গ. indifferent
ঘ. angry

6. He waited until the plane--
ক. did not take off
খ. took off
গ. had not taken off
ঘ. had taken off
7. My uncle arrived while I ---- the dinner.
ক. would cook
খ. had cooked
গ. cook
ঘ. was cooking
8. Which is the correct sentence?
ক. I shall avail the opportunity
খ. I shall avail of the opportunity
গ. I shall avail for the opportunity
ঘ. I shall avail myself of the opportunity
9. --- mother rose in her.
ক. A
খ. The
গ. An
ঘ. No article
10. Jerry was deprived of motherly affection. Here the word "motherly" is --
ক. an adverb
খ. an adjective
গ. a noun
ঘ. none


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