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প্রাইমারি পরীক্ষা

সরকারী প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়ের নিয়োগ পরীক্ষা (২০১৪) :: পরীক্ষার তারিখঃ- ২০.০৪.২০১৮
21. We were watching the news when the telephone ..........
ক. rang
খ. rung
গ. ringing
ঘ. had rung
22. The sentence "Empty vesserls sound much" refers to ___
ক. A little learning is a dangerous thing
খ. Pride goes before destruction
গ. Haste makes waste
ঘ. Barking dog seldom bites
23. It is 11 am now. The sun _____ in the eastern sky.
ক. has been shining
খ. had been shining
গ. is shining
ঘ. shines
24. The roads of Dhaka are wider____.
ক. Than Sylhet
খ. then Sylhets
গ. Then those of sylhet
ঘ. than those of sylhet
25. The word “Everything” is _______
ক. an adverb
খ. a noun
গ. a pronoun
ঘ. an adjective

26. Which one is the singular of leaves?
ক. leaf
খ. Leafe
গ. leav
ঘ. leave
27. The correct of the word “deliberate is______”
ক. willingly
খ. intentional
গ. known
ঘ. familiar
28. He prefers_____ European country for spending his vacation.
ক. the
খ. an
গ. a
ঘ. none
29. Which one is correct?
ক. You, he and I are present
খ. He, You and I am present
গ. I, you and he I am present
ঘ. You, he I am present
30. Correct passive form of ___ I have to do it,
ক. It has to be done by me
খ. It is to be done by me
গ. Let it be done by me
ঘ. It has to be done to me


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