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শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন

Group Verbs
41. The captain left the boat, because it----
A. turned down
B. turned up
C. turned bottom
D. turned over
উত্তরঃ D
42. Complete the sentence---
Trees have ------off their leaves.
A. thrown
B. fallen
C. cast
D. put
উত্তরঃ C
43. In spite of my requests, he did not--------
A. give in
B. fall in
C. get off
D. give forth
উত্তরঃ A
44. The second anniversary celebration of our college will be held on December 15.
----- Which of the following is the correct phrase for will be held above?
A. takes off
B. comes off
C. will bring about
D. will come round
উত্তরঃ B
45. It is too difficult to ‘tolerate’ bad temper for long. ----- Which of the following phrases best replaces ‘tolerate’ in the above sentence?
A. cope up with
B. put up with
C. stand up for
D. pull on with
উত্তরঃ B

46. I have ---- him to give --- smoking.
A. said, up
B. talked, up
C. told, up
D. told, in
উত্তরঃ C
47. The expression “to look after” means-
A. to take care
B. to follow
C. to imitate
D. to gaze
উত্তরঃ A
48. Our friends will ---- for two nights.
A. put us up
B. put us in
C. provide us in
D. provide us up
উত্তরঃ D
49. The Bangladesh cricket team------ with a victory against England.
A. bounced up
B. turned up
C. bounced back
D. sprang up
উত্তরঃ C
50. The boy takes ---- his grandfather.
A. to
B. with
C. after
D. up
উত্তরঃ C


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