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শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন

Group Verbs
1. The match was called -----for rain.
A. in
B. on
C. off
D. out
উত্তরঃ C
2. He came off a very rich family.
A. was descended from
B. was at home in
C. knew
D. liked
উত্তরঃ A
3. The child flew --- the candle.
A. out
B. over
C. in
D. with
উত্তরঃ B
4. The university professors will --- the answer scripts of the admission test.
A. Look after
B. Look at
C. Look over
D. Look out
উত্তরঃ C
5. I wish the boss would-----off on his demands.
A. climb
B. hold
C. hit
D. blow
উত্তরঃ A

6. When the war broke -----my father joined the army.
A. out
B. at
C. off
D. in
উত্তরঃ D
7. I took him ---- my friend.
A. with
B. like
C. for
D. about
উত্তরঃ D
8. Take this medicine and you will soon come---.
A. round
B. over
C. about
D. down
উত্তরঃ D
9. They were all walking too fast and I found it difficult to------.
A. catch up
B. catch on
C. hold on
D. hold up
উত্তরঃ A
10. The accused man have been ------custody to await trial.
A. delivered into
B. handed into
C. put into
D. sent to
উত্তরঃ D


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