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Right Form of Verbs
1. Which one is a correct sentence?
A. Afrin has losed her handbag
B. Afrin has lost her handbag
C. Afrin have lost her handbag
D. Afrin had been lost her handbag
উত্তরঃ B
2. After Pritom ----- his cloths, he began to study.
A. had washed
B. washing
C. was washing
D. washed
উত্তরঃ A
3. I wish I ------- dead. Fill in the gap-----.
A. am
B. was
C. have
D. were
উত্তরঃ D
4. Which one is a correct sentence?
A. The wind stopped to blow.
B. The wind stopped blowing.
C. Wind stopped after blowing.
D. The wind stop to blow.
উত্তরঃ B
5. We had better ----- the schedule of the examination? The right option for the gap is----
A. to check
B. checked
C. checking
D. check
উত্তরঃ D

6. I prefer swimming to --
A. walk
B. walking
C. walked
D. having walked
উত্তরঃ B
7. Which one is the right form of verb given in the bracket? I (to lay) the book on the table
A. laid
B. lies
C. lays
D. lay
উত্তরঃ A
8. I would not mind ------ to night.
A. to go out
B. go out
C. going out
D. to going out
উত্তরঃ C
9. Which is the correct sentence?
A. It was long I had seen him last
B. It was long since I saw him last
C. It was long since I have seen him last
D. It was long since I see him last
উত্তরঃ A
10. Would you mind ---- the window ?
A. close
B. closed
C. closing
D. to close
উত্তরঃ A


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