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Trouble With Tenses
31. He has been ill ------ Friday last.
A. From
B. On
C. In
D. Since
উত্তরঃ D
32. She told me his name after he-------.
A. left
B. had left
C. has left
D. has been leaving
উত্তরঃ B
33. Just now he -------- his dinner but he says he’ll see you when he’s finished.
A. is having
B. has had
C. was having
D. had
উত্তরঃ B
34. Choose the correct tense --.
A. Javed was so exhausted that he lain down for a sleep
B. Javed was so exhausted that he had laid down for a sleep
C. Javed was so exhausted that he was lying down for a sleep
D. Javed was so exhausted that he will lay down for a sleep
উত্তরঃ C
35. We waited until the plane------
A. did not take off
B. took off
C. had not taken off
D. had taken off
উত্তরঃ B

36. An intensive search was conducted by the detective to locate those criminals who----
A. have had escaped
B. had escaped
C. are escaping
D. have been escaping
উত্তরঃ B
37. Choose the correct sentence.
A. I asked Javed had he passed
B. I asked Javed if he had passed
C. I asked Javed if you had passed
D. I asked Javed that had he passed
উত্তরঃ B
38. The doctor suggested that the patient ---- weight.
A. should lose
B. would lose
C. loss
D. lose
উত্তরঃ D
39. Since 1995, Fatema-----in Dhaka.
A. live
B. lived
C. has lived
D. is living
উত্তরঃ C
40. Indentify the incorrect part of the following sentence:
The guards had been looked at searching the building.
A. had been
B. looked at
C. searching
D. the building
উত্তরঃ B


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