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Dangers With Determiners
11. I have ----- enemies, but they can do me -----harm
A. no, little
B. many, many
C. little, much
D. a few, little
উত্তরঃ D
12. The determiner ‘some’ is used before ------nouns.
A. both count and non-count
B. non-count
C. plural-count
D. singular-count
উত্তরঃ A
13. I only want------little suger in my tea, please.
A. a
B. the
C. an
D. none
উত্তরঃ A
14. Choose the correct sentence.
A. I need a few furniture’s
B. I need some furniture
C. I do need some furniture’s
D. I do not need furniture’s
উত্তরঃ B
15. Fill in the gap with the appropriate option:
Metre is ----- unit of length.
A. the
B. a
C. an
D. no article
উত্তরঃ B

16. I didn’t have ------- luggage, just two small bags.
A. little
B. a little
C. much
D. many
উত্তরঃ C
17. She sold .....milk.
A. little
B. small
C. least
D. heavy
উত্তরঃ A
18. H is ....... MBBS. (Choose the article)
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article
উত্তরঃ B
19. ......... earth moves round the sun.
A. A
B. An
C. The
D. None of these
উত্তরঃ C
20. I have ........interest in the matter.
A. not
B. any
C. none
D. no
উত্তরঃ D


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